Why do you need a Migraine specialist?

Headaches are very common these days. There can be different reasons for a headache and hence there is a range of treatments, prescriptions, and non-pharmacological methods available to manage headaches of various types. It can be difficult to understand when you need a medical treatment and where to find the right ones.

If you are having a severe headache and are wondering if you should go for medical treatment, consider the following points to know better:

  • Is it interfering with your life like social activities, work, school or family?
  • Does it become severe or frequent?
  • If you had to visit emergency recently due to a headache?
  • Are the medications available over the counter no longer effective?
  • Are you taking too much of medications recently?

If your answer to any of the above question is “Yes”, you need to consult a physician.

A migraine or Headache Specialist

A headache specialist is a physician who has expertise in diagnosing and treating headaches. He may be certified from Council for Neurologic Subspecialties (UCNS), an organization that provides certifications and fellowship programs to the individual practitioners in subspecialties in Neurology, including migraine and headache medicine.

Why do you need to visit a headache specialist?

How can you know that you need to visit a neurologist for your headache?

To figure out the answer, consider asking these following questions to yourself.

  • Have you discussed your headache with a primary physician?
  • Are your current medications and treatments getting ineffective? Are the medications unable to cure your headache, you have been getting intolerable side effects from them or a headache returns soon after the treatment?
  • Are you trying to get pregnant, pregnant or nursing, and experiencing severe and frequent headaches?
  • Are you suffering from a headache for more than 15 days a month?
  • Do you experience a headache that is considerably different than other headaches you had or have you recently felt the worst headache of your life?

If your answer to any of the above question is “Yes”, you need to visit a headache or migraine specialist nj.

How to find a Specialist?

To find a good Headache specialist, you should follow these points:

  • The most common source of referral to medical recommendations is the word of mouth. Ask your primary healthcare provider to refer a certified headache specialist.
  • You may check your insurance company’s website. It can help you in your search for a headache specialist. You may also call the company’s referral service.
  • You can get a list of specialists from the American Migraine Foundation website, where you can search for the specialist by name, zip code, city, state, and distance from your location.
  • The United Council for Neurological Subspecialties official website has a list of all the certified headache specialists. You might not be able to figure out the exact location of the specialist as it contains the location of the time when the physician took the certification.

The headache specialist can recommend you the treatment based on your type and cause of a headache. Always look for a certified headache or migraine specialist nj in case you need to consult one.