Wholetones Music – as a Sleeping Problem Solution

How can you manage your daily activities, knowing that you lack sleep? Do you know that a lot of people are suffering from sleeping disorders while others just can’t sleep because they are thinking too much? If you can go to bed early and wake up full of energy, then that is the right thing. But, if this is not possible, then you have to do something to solve your sleeping problems, so that you can perform all your daily tasks well.

I know you will find it hard to believe that music can be a solution to your sleeping problem. But, this is not the usual music that you always hear playing. Pretty sure that you do listen to music and read about various artists. So, have you ever heard or read the Wholetones Review: Michael Tyrrell Healing Music Project? Well, Michael Tyrrell created a music with great sounds and frequencies to heal your problems, such as depression, stress and sleeping as well.

I guess you just found out the right solution to your sleeping problem. What do you need to do now? Let’s say that you may keep on reading about Michael’s type of music. That is actually fine, so that you can have an idea on how this healing music can help you. By the way, we have here a few more information about the Wholetones healing music.

The Problem

It was already defined that your problem has something to do with your sleeping, which is a very important part of every individual’s life. We sleep because we need to regenerate our lost energy. Through this, you can wake up in the morning and feeling refreshed. Failure to do this will cause you a headache and of course, you won’t have the energy to finish your daily routines. It is very clear that enough sleep is necessary.

So, why can’t you sleep, anyway? Are you thinking too much about your career, family, expenses, and experiences or is it because of your insomnia? Whatever the reasons are, you must be aware that having a poor sleep is not good for your body. Aside from that, it also affects your thinking and your focus in life. If this problem will continue, then you really need more help – you need the healing music.

The power of healing music

When healing music is playing, your mind is communicating with it. This happens when the frequency, coming from the healing music changes and synchronizes your brainwaves in order for this to match the frequency that is being played. At first, you are very much alert because you are awake. Now, as soon as the frequency starts working with your brain waves, it will relax your mind and later on sending you to sleep.

You really need to play the healing music to believe it because what it can do to you is just like magic or a form of hypnosis. But, this is for real and has nothing to do with fiction. Let’s say that consider it as a form of a powerful tool to solve your sleeping problem.

The frequency state

Everything around us has a frequency and that is because of the resonance. That was explained at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resonance. This might be a natural sound, but it can contribute a lot in normalizing the frequency needed for you to fall asleep.

The lowest frequency when sleeping is represented by the Delta Waves and that is from 0.1 – 3.5 Hz. With this frequency, you are already in a deep sleep. This is what a healing music would like to reach when treating your sleeping problem. But, getting to this goal is not easy because your mind is alert when you are awake and frequency is in a Gamma wave.

The frequency of a healing music needs to pass the Beta wave, where you are actively thinking. As soon as Alpha waves are produced, your brain waves can now absorb the healing music. During this time, your mind and body may start relaxing. After this wave, the frequency is getting higher and will reach the Theta wave at 4 – 8 Hz. This is the time, where your mind is actually half sleep and half awake. Finally, you will be in a deep sleep after the Theta.