What Strains to Use to Combat OCD?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a condition which affects many millions of people across the world. Research has intensified into the area to try and find a way to alleviate the symptoms associated with the disorder, and attention has focussed on how certain cannabis strains can be used to help a sufferer.

It’s only recently that a link has been established between OCD and cannabis, but understanding is growing by the week as more and more research is completed. From purely anecdotal evidence, there are positive comments regarding the ability of cannabis to help reduce nervous fixations. One such strain which is said to offer this effect is Northern Lights. Users have reported that it helps sufferer’s minds to slow down, and acts like a tranquilizer to make the user more relaxed and calm as a result.

Jarrod McKinley, a sufferer of OCD, has been suffering from symptoms such as anxiety, spasms and nervous fixations, because of his OCD. He has been using Northern Lights for a period of 3 months, and already he says his symptoms have reduced, allowing him to live a more fulfilling life. He says he felt he had a calm state of mind by using this strain, without any racing thoughts.

Another strain which comes highly recommended is White Fire OG. It may seem strange that this strain should be chosen due to its high THC concentration, but many sufferers of OCD have reported that this strong hybrid has been excellent at reducing symptoms of OCD. Scientists believe that the myrcene and limonene that is present in the strain promotes a feeling of relaxation for the user, allowing them to be less stressed.

If generalized anxiety is one of the main symptoms of your OCD, you may want to consider Granddaddy Purple as a possible strain to use. This is certainly the case if you prefer to use Indicas over a Sativa, as these strains tend to relax the mind instead of super charging it. Randy Stevens is a user of Granddaddy Purple, and he reported feelings of reduced tension and stress because of using this strain, which reduced his symptoms of OCD almost overnight.

While research into the area is still in its infancy, it is hoped by many that OCD can be controlled for all sufferers by using cannabis. Until then, we can only recommend strains to use to reduce symptoms based on a small amount of research and a bank of anecdotal evidence. For more advice on choosing a strain that suits your own personal requirements, we would recommend you discuss your needs with your local dispensary (use the dispensary near me tool).