What is Yoni Massage and Why Should I Go for That?

Sometimes called Yonic massage, this kind of sensual healing practice is where the female patient receives her vagina and vulva rubbed and manipulated in such a way as to relieve sexual tension and offer her selfless pleasure.

It is a form of tantric massage and is administered by trained tantric therapists. As well as the vagina being massaged, the therapist will also concentrate of the vulva – which is the area immediately outside of the vagina that includes the labia, perineum and clitoris.

Yoni massage is dedicated and detailed work and can only be administered by a trained tantric professional, who will go through a detailed procedure and with absolutely no sex involved. The therapist is only there to give massage relief to the woman.

The key factor to a yoni massage is therapy, development and sexual empowerment. Sexual gratification is not necessarily the be all and end all of why you should go for this type of massage.

Talking to someone who has actually been and had a yoni massage comes strongly recommended. However, most women will not know anyone personally who has actually been for one, but that said, there is the power of social media and you will always find someone willing to share their experience online through a private conversation.

Most women who are considering getting a yoni massage should seek out the recommendations and reviews from someone that has had one already. But it would be wrong to downplay the sexual trend and connotations of an erotic massaging of one’s vagina and vulva: After all, yoni massage has benefits that allow women to achieve more powerful climaxes, enjoy better sex and become generally much better at the very act of a sexual encounter in her future bedroom adventures.

But if you are considering this type of massage then be aware that you should outline the clear intentions for both the masseur and yourself; make clear which boundaries cannot be crossed and how much sensation you are willing to receive; the space the yoni massage takes place in must be sacred and the entire massage experience is intended to be for awakening, enlightenment and healing.

Yoni massaging begins with an all-over body massage with some body oils and there is no massaging of the vulva or vagina until such time as you are completely relaxed and ready.