What is the Advanced Electronic Cigarette?

e-Cigarette or Vape

Electronic cigarette, also called e-cigarette, e-cig or vape, is a mechanical-electronic device designed to simulate a cigarette that vaporizes diluted nicotine into specific liquids (such as propylene glycol). . Nicotine is the substance responsible for cigarette addiction, so even electronic cigarettes have been widely sold as a way to leave this addiction behind, although experts disagree with this statement and do not consider it a smoking cessation technique.

During the use of vape an inhalable vapor with or without nicotine is produced which may have various flavors (e.g. tobacco, coffee, fruits, cereal, sweets, etc.). This may be an alternative for the smoker, as well as delivering nicotine. Dovpo Blotto RTA is one of the great examples of e-cig. It also provides taste and physical sensation similar to that of inhaled tobacco smoke. Electronic cigarette also mimics the habit of smoking, which for many smokers is one of the obstacles to successfully quitting smoking tobacco.

The classic models are visually very similar to the real product, i.e. it has the same shape and even the tip simulates being lit when swallowed. However, this model is already quite outdated and today it is possible to find several models available at Vapeciga.com.

They have a capacity of 2-5ml of liquid. It is an option for those who are beginning to venture into the world of vapes and its size is ideal for those who like practicality. The idea is that the electronic cigarette is more than an alternative to the conventional cigarette smoker, being possible to find models in the form of cigar, cigarillo, pipe, among others.


The e-liquid is also known as e-juice. The liquid is the flavored and nicotine base (there are liquids with 0 nicotine). The e-liquids are basically composed of Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine and Aromas. If you’re fully new to the vape devices and are wondering what liquid to start with, here is an essential tip.

The e-liquid or e-juice is a more viscous liquid than water, has a high surface tension and has the property of being easily vaporized, and is therefore used as vehicle for nicotine to reach the lungs.

Electronic cigarette fluid is usually packaged in different nicotine levels, classicized in mg: ultra-light (3 to 6 mg), medium (9 to 12 mg), regular (14 to 18 mg) and strong (24 mg). There are also 0 milligram liquids that contain absolutely nothing of nicotine.