Various Causes of Infertility in Men and Women

Inability to conceive due to any reason is termed as infertility. Human beings, like all other animals, can reproduce if they are sexually active and have no hormonal issues. But, the problem arises when there is some issue with the hormonal function or the reproductive system flaws are there. Also, sometimes, men are not able to perform as required due to psychological stress. The problem of not being able to have babies can even lead to a crack in marital relationships.

So, if you are one of the struggling couples that have not been able to hit the parenthood phase even after trying for so long, here explained as some causes that might be matching your situation:

1 –  Blocked fallopian tubes

Sperms travel through female route to reach the egg in Fallopian tubes for fusion. But, if the fallopian tubes are blocked, the fusion cannot take place. Some cleaning procedures are available to treat this issue. The case of blocked fallopian tubes can be established through Ultrasound and related few other scans.

2  – Very matured eggs having thick shell

The best marriageable age and to have kids is between 19 to 27 years. This observation has a lot to do with the quality of eggs. Ageing women’s eggs have thicker shells, which become harder for sperms to crack. As fusion becomes difficult due to thick covering, it becomes another case of infertility.

3 – Low quality sperms

The sperms in men have to be motile, efficiently fast in motion and capable of cracking the egg shell within the short span of time for which egg remains viable in the women’s body. If these conditions are not met, the men can be considered as the cause of infertility.

4 – Embryo development issues

Sometimes, due to hormonal issues and problems with uterus, the embryo is not able to attain the viable age and is destroyed causing miscarriage.

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