Using Winstrolcan cause fat deposition is not True

Winstrol is a drug used by body builders and other sports persons for its ability to reduce weight or rather cut the fat or adipose tissues, the statement that it can cause fat deposition is not true. One has to understand the real role it plays in the cycles of a body builder to make an educated assessment of the drug. Winstrol is the commercial name for Stanozolol, a synthetic anabolic androgenic steroid. This is a derivative of the 5-alpha Dihydrotestosterone and 17-alpha-alkylated androstane. As such it possesses both androgenic and anabolic properties for its users.


Since the drug is already in the 17-alpha state and not esterified, it is available in the oral form, either as a suspension or tablet. Due to its high bioavailability in the oral form, it can pass through the liver without much destruction or metabolism. Unlike other steroids which bind to androgen receptors (AR), this is AR agnostic and is not potentiated to androgenic tissues like skin, prostate gland or hair follicle. This makes the drug more anabolic than androgenic. After they pass through Liver, then produce high levels of testosterone in the blood stream. This, in turn, increases the metabolism of the body. Primarily, they metabolize the fat or adipose tissues and burns the fat and converts them into energy. Hence the notion that it can cause fat deposition rings hollow in the face of the real facts.

Winstrol Uses

The drug was invented for the medical use in humans and animals. In humans, it is used to treat patients who suffer from anemia and angioedema of the hereditary nature. This is still the drug of choice for angioedema in many countries, even if the drug is not manufactured in the US anymore. It is used in animals to improve muscle growth, bone density, RBC count and regulate appetite in weakened animals. Sometimes, a drug displays secondary characteristics which make it useful for other functions. Likewise, Winstrolhas become famous for its ability to cut fat and is used as a drug of choice by the body builders in their cutting cycle. After the bulking phase, there are lots of loose or fat tissues in the body which obscure the actual physique of the person. Taking Winstrol burns the fat and adipose tissues, convert them into energy and makes the person more energetic and stronger.

Drug Safety

The drug can be used by both men and women athletes due to its anabolic qualities and non-estrogenic effects. Unlike other testosterone inducing drugs, this one does not induce gynecomastia or enlargement of the breasts. It is wrong to say it can cause fat deposition, but have an effect on Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin which leaves a lot of steroid floating in the body. This is toxic to the liver and may harm it. Also, it can cause heart issues, joint pains and increase blood pressure. All of these can be controlled by other medicines or consulting a physician. It is imperative that one follows the dosage to the letter and never exceeds them however dire the situation is.