Tips Before And During An Appointment With A Podiatrist

A large number of individuals overlook their feet and often fail to give it proper care.  Yet, did you know that our feet are also susceptible to illnesses just like any other body parts? It can experience swelling, pain and discomfort. In case you experience any of those, there is no need to freak out. There are doctors who specialize in this field and we call them podiatrist. They can diagnose everything from bunions, athlete’s foot to more serious foot problems.

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Preparation Tips

Before hopping in your car and rushing down a Podiatrist clinic, you have to do a few things so you would not need to spend hours talking to a doctor to figure out what your foot condition is and what possible treatment option is available. These tips aim to make your appointment with a podiatrist seamless and fast.

  1. Make sure your own health insurance card is on your purse (or wherever you usually put it). Most importantly, make certain that you understand your plan’s coverage. Do not forget to bring your insurance authorization and referral when you visit a podiatrist.
  2. Note down the questions you have in mind prior on the day of your important appointment. You don’t want to be left with questions after making an appointment, don’t you? As a hint, you can include in your list of questions the question about the possible treatment options, the type of foot care you should do at home, and about the expected result.
  3. Do not go to the clinic without cleaning your feet first! Well, let’s be real here.  Podiatrists are also human beings who have a sense of smell and since they have to check your feet closely, they are more likely to smell whatever is in there.  If your feet emit pesky odor, your doctor may be distracted from doing his or her job. If that happens, the process may take a bit longer than usual.

We don’t mean you have to get a pedi before going in the clinic. In fact, that is a no-no.  All you need to do is simply get rid of dirt in your feet and keep it dry so the doctor can concentrate on his or her job. Anyway, podiatrist can also treat smelly feet.

  1. Don’t forget the test results. Ask your podiatrist about when and how you will get your test results.  Depending on your foot condition, diagnosis may possibly take a week or just an hour.

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