The Health Risks of DIY Pest Control

When pests infest your home, you and your families health is already at risk from the bacteria and diseases they bring with them. This means that pest control is necessary.

Over-the-counter pest control options generally don’t work, but are a cheap option compared to hiring a professional pest controller. The risks of the using these methods can be really bad for your health.

Effective pest control often uses chemicals. If you are training to do your own pest control, the likelihood is that you are not trained to use these chemicals in a safe way. These chemicals are incredibly harmful to humans. Not only can you harm yourself, you could harm a member of your family by trying to do it yourself.

DIY pest control products are often not explained properly either. The bottle may not convey the proper use of the product, or you may not want to take the time to read it.

Proper protective equipment needs to be worn at all times when using pest control products. This is something not many of us would consider when treating our homes ourselves. Goggles and fully protective suits are the basic equipment needed to protect yourself from harsh chemicals.

Another health risk of doing your own pest control isn’t what could happen to you, but what could happen to those around you. Your children, family and pets are seriously at risk if you decide to do your own pest control. Chemicals used in pest control are often not children or pet friendly. In some cases, the chemicals have been known to kill family pets when not used in the proper manner. A professional pest controller will tailor the treatments they use to your home. Some even have completely green options, that are chemical free and good to the environment.

Improperly handling pest control chemicals can result in rashes, burns, skin irritations, lung irritations and death. Not only that, but you’re leaving your home open for future infestations to happen, putting you and your family more and more at risk.

It’s always best to invest in a certified, professional pest control technician, who will get the job done quickly and effectively.