Santamedical launched next Generation Finger Pulse Oximeter

Measuring right amount of oxygen in the blood is essentially important for all of us because it may cause serious health disorder. Pulse oximetry is an exclusive technology, used to calculate oxygen level in the bloodstream of patients. Patients suffering from recurring problems like COPD, asthma, Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), etc. often suffer from inadequate oxygen supply at heart causing major discomfort as well as heart failure. Pulse Oximeter is the tool that helps in detecting the level of oxygen in blood for a patient suffering from respiratory problem.

finger pulse oximeter is the easiest device based on Pulse oximetry. It can be fitted on the finger of the patients. You need to clip it just on the fingertip and it will read the blood oxygen analysis. This reading helps in instant analysis of the blood oxygen level and thus assists in taking control of medical crisis if any. Accurate pulse oximetry reading helps in saving a life, hence it is important to use the best quality pulse oximeter to be at the safer side of the health check.

Santamedical launched next Generation Finger Pulse Oximeter

This newly launched pulse oximeter is a ready fit for fingers. It offers a quick reading of pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation level. The finger clip is self-adjustable, and there is a single button on the machine to check the reading. The machine is portable in size and light in weight. Predominantly built for athletes and aviation crews, other heath conscious people also keep it handy at their ready access for quick reading from ailing patients in their family.

The handy features:

  • The machine is excellently durable with long battery life: on one set battery the machine runs for 30+ active hours: It has auto power off facility.
  • Its bright digital OLED display is a plus for its excellent readability,
  • Low-level battery indicator is plus benefits,
  • It comes with a hanging neck/wrist strap and case for use on the move.
  • Integrated SpO2 probe and processing display module plus SpO2 and Pulse Rate and bar is a definite plus for the users.

Pulse Oximeter of Santamedical brand is an FDA approved a product that is available under the money back guarantee protection. This is one of the best features of reliability by the manufacturing company that has branded this oximeter as one of the best products available for personal use.