Most Common Types of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is increasing in popularity for its ability to improve the facial features and sculpt different areas of the body. Whether you want to slim down your nose or remove sagging skin under your jawline, there are a variety of procedures that are available. Here are the most common types of plastic surgery to consider when you want to boost your confidence.

Brow Lift

Due to age, it’s common for the skin to begin to sag on different areas of the face. A brow lift is effective at improving frown lines and softening wrinkles that develop on the forehead. Over time, sagging of the skin above the eyes can make it easy to look upset or angry. Brow lifts can allow you to have a more youthful appearance and appear more awake with an alert expression that you’ll have.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are effective at softening the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment can be used on the face, neck, and hands and works by removing the top layers of the skin to ensure that new skin cells grow back. Many people who suffer from sun damage can benefit from the treatment, which is also known for treating certain types of acne.


Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It can remove a bump that is present on the bridge of the nose or even cause it become more centered if it’s crooked. It is also known for correcting nasal tips that are enlarged or are droopy. Individuals who don’t want to undergo surgery can resort to getting Juvederm or Radiesse, which can smooth out bumps that are present.

Breast Lift

Women who have children or have suffered the effects of age often want to lift their bust with the help of plastic surgeouns in Raleigh North Carolina. The surgery involves removing excess skin and tightening the tissue that surrounds the breasts to support the contour that is created by the surgeon. Some women also get breast implants while undergoing the lift to enhance the size of their bust.

Improving your appearance and feeling confident in your own skin may require the help of a plastic surgeon. With different types of treatments and procedures that are available, you can enhance the beauty of your natural features and create a more attractive appearance.