Little-Known Ways to Protect Your Body from Too Much EMF Exposure

There have been a lot of advancements in technology in the 20th and 21st centuries. We are now living in an age of technology so advanced that we can connect with each other in seconds through the Internet, we can shop for almost anything we want with a few clicks, and our daily chores and responsibilities are made a lot easier to handle.

But with all these modern advancements comes a level of risk. The risk we’re referring to is the risk of too much exposure to EMFs. Electromagnetic fields are all around us, and although they occur naturally, there is now too high a level of EMFs emitted by various gadgets and devices such as mobile phones, WiFi routers, laptops, and electrical appliances. EMFs surround us, and they’re even inside us. If you are worried about the level of EMFs in the atmosphere and would like to do your part to protect yourself, it doesn’t just involve limiting your cell phone use or unplugging your appliances at night or when not in use. Here are some little-known ways to protect your body from too much EMF.

  • Do away with your microwave

Microwaves have been in use since the 70s, and they have indeed made our lives easier. Imagine – you can heat or cook most anything in a microwave, and it takes a few minutes to enjoy a meal. But the thing with microwaves is that they emit a powerful level of EMFs – more powerful than your Wi-Firouter or cell phone – each time you use them. You can replace your microwave with a standard convection oven, and it’s not only the same size but will also heat up your meals in approximately the same time.

  • Use protective devices to shield yourself from EMFs

You may not know that there are now various protective devices you can use so you can shield yourself from EMFs. We’re talking about actual shields which you can use for your cell phone and other EMF protection products such as pendants and jewellery. All these products are made with natural elements such as stones and crystals as well.

  • Don’t go wireless

While going wireless is the trend nowadays, what with wireless WiFi routers, wireless keyboards, wireless mouse pads, wireless speakers, and so on, you don’t have to fall in with the trend. It’s better to go old school and choose cables whenever you can, especially for your computer. Use an adapter or an Ethernet port for your computer, and go with wired monitors for your baby, wired keyboards, wired mouse pads, and the like. If you have a smart thermostat in your home and have got used to the convenience it brings, you can still opt for a version which is programmable. Anything which you can plug in can still be wired rather than wireless.

The fact about EMFs, though, is that you can limit your exposure to them, but you can’t entirely do away with this exposure, as they occur in nature. But you can at least do something about your own home and office and make conscious decisions which can help you have better health – and a better life.