Is Norethisterone the Best Period Delay Pill?

For the last two and a half decades, Norethisterone has provided a significant amount of women with the ability to delay their periods long enough for them to have some comfort when needed.

Norethisterone is sold under a variety of brand names, the most popular being Utovlan and Primolut N, and has the ability to mimic the progesterone hormone. It prevents the womb lining from falling away, indefinably delaying periods.

However, the underlying question that has been on the minds of the users of this pill is whether the drug is the best solution, more so now that the NHS has allowed it to be the primary menstrual delay pill on doctors prescriptions.

On analysis about the question of whether a drug is the best of its kind, a number of issues have to be discussed – chief of which is its side effects. It appeared on the market as a curative drug for relief from menstrual pain, heavy flow and fibroids. At the point of entry, the side effects were limited and reported only from a small number of users. Consequently, as it stands it is easy to assume the same should be considered when the drug is assumed as a period delay pill. This is not the case, however.

Its dosage as a period delay drug used by a woman with a normal flow is not the same as when it is used by heavy flow user. Subsequently, this suggests a difference in side effects. Additionally, several gynecologists have raised questions over the altering of menstrual cycles citing hormonal therapy as a solution; a costly solution nonetheless considering if the pill was taken to delay periods for recreational purposes.

As it stands, it has an outstanding record when used as a period delay drug. Side effects have been limited to headaches, dizziness, unusual tiredness as well as vision changes for first-time users. Another additional factor is the fact that patients who are already using other contraceptive alternatives such as pills can use Norethisterone without experiencing negative side effects.

Recent research has indicated that in particular cases (controlled) higher doses of this pill can also be employed to treat particular kinds of breast cancer. As a result, as it stands, it is a curative drug for fibroid as well as excruciating menstrual pain, reduces heavy blood flow, and under practitioner’s advice can cure some types of breast cancer.

The above-named benefits clearly outweigh the side effects. Consequently, it can be argued to be the best menstrual delay pill on the market. In addition to a comparative analysis against other such menstrual delay drugs, when the user wants to stop using it the changes primarily driven by hormones are not reported to be complicated.

In most cases, patients are counselled not to take any more of this pill when they are not experiencing their monthly periods. In such a case, the patient is advised to take a normal pregnancy test to make sure they are not pregnant. In the event they are pregnant they should stop using the drug as it may affect the embryo or foetus. From such an explanation, it is clear that the drug is easy to manage during the use as well as after.