Importance Of Supporting Drugs

Often we tend to hear experienced professionals and medical practitioners talk about using of one drug with another in order to enhance the performance of the other. We can say one is complementary to other. They are so suggested in order to minimise any side effects caused by the other drug. As a matter of fact, it is like backing the drawbacks of one steroid with properties of the other. This is considered a great practice among body building industry where the risk of steroids can show adverse impacts on the health of the players. Whether you use anabolic steroids or prohormones it is beneficial to often use supporting drugs.  Many athletes use them as it is and don’t see any difference. But to balance the drawbacks it is necessary to use steroids and supplements together.

While planning to start a cycle itself you need to plan which one to use as supporting drug with the help of your doctor to derive maximum benefits out of your cycle. The supplements that you use during body building play a crucial role in giving you the desired results. Professionals are also of opinion that supplementary doses help in giving out the maximum and suggest beginners to often use supporting drugs.

How to choose supplements?

This is a common question that will arise in everyone’s mind. Well this depends on the main steroid that you want to use. If it has risky to a certain body part then the supplementary drug should be something which will loopholes of the main drug.

Supplements concerning for liver:

  • Live 52: It can be used to lessen the damage caused to the liver while taking oral steroids. They strain the liver as they have to pass almost untouched. But they have natural components that fight liver toxicity.
  • Milk thistle: This is a natural treatment for liver problems like hepatitis and jaundice.

Apart from the above natural care like drinking lots of water and limiting alcohol consumption can minimise damage caused to the liver.

Foods aiding in digestion:

  • When you are the process of body building you tend to take lot of protein which is must and should for the body to gain muscle power. But while doing this, the body can develop certain digestive disorders like Gas, diarrhoea and stomach upsets. In order to fight these kinds of problems you need to take digestive enzymes like Bromelain which are obtained as 500 mg capsules.

Circumin:Circumin is an extract of turmeric root which helps in issues like heart enlargement which is possible after certain use of anabolic steroids. It is also helpful for skin complexion, kidneys and liver. To avoid these kinds of side effects this herb can be used as a supplementary steroid.

N2guard: This is a powerful supplement that contains many minerals, vitamins, nutrients and essential power boosters.  It also protects liver, reduces water retention, manages cholesterol and maintains blood pressure.

Now that you know how important supporting steroids are be sure to add them in your next cycle and enjoy risk free body building.