Ignoring Hearing Loss is Riskier Than You Think

You might not have realized it, but a sudden loss of hearing is something you should get checked out as early as possible. Even if the problem has been a slow and steady decrease in your ability to hear it’s important to check with your GP that everything is OK. Not getting it looked at and subsequently treated could lead to further problems and complications. The most obvious reason for doing this is that it could get worse over time. Unfortunately, some damage may be permanent, and you’ll need the help of a hearing aid.

Get Help Early

If you get your hearing problem checked out as soon as possible the cure may well be a very simple one. A common cause of hearing problems is nerve damage. Speaking with your doctor straight away means you might get away with just taking a course of medication rather than having to worry about surgery or wearing a hearing aid. Another common cause is a blockage. This is something else that can be treated quickly and simply.

Even if the damage can’t be treated, wearing a hearing aid is not as bad as you think.

The Myths About Wearing a Hearing Aid

There are some common misconceptions about the wearing of a hearing aid. The first of which is that they’re only for old people. It’s understandable that many people think it will make them feel old. The truth of the matter is that a person will look much older if they’re always struggling to keep up with the conversation or are constantly asking “Pardon?”.

Many people think that there’s nothing they can do about their hearing loss. This is also not true. Modern technology can help an increasing number of people with their hearing problems. Even if it’s an issue hearing high-pitched sounds or with nerve damage.

Modern hearing aids are also very adjustable so it’s not true that they make all sounds louder.

Problems with hearing can lead to a number of other things and severely affect a person’s quality of life. Problems such as loneliness, memory loss, depression, anger and stress are often linked to hearing loss.

Hearing Loss and Children

For children it is doubly important for them to have their hearing checked. You can visit your health practitioner, a hospital or make an appointment for a hearing assessment with a private hearing service provider such as Hear4U.

If your child has a problem with their hearing it can affect their ability to talk and communicate. They will also have problems making friends and developing normally. Your baby will have their hearing checked in hospital when they are born. After that, it’s your responsibility to get their hearing checked regularly.

Be aware that a series of ear infections can cause lasting problems, even if the hearing loss is only temporary. Especially if the loss happens when they’re learning important skills.

More than 466 million people around the world struggle with hearing loss. That’s quite a staggering number. Around a third of EU sufferers that could benefit from wearing a hearing aid decide not to wear one.