How To Explain To Kids The Effects Of Sugar On Their Teeth

It goes without saying, children love their sugar. Anything sweet, they want to eat it. However, you can ask any dentist Reston Virginia and they’ll tell you that it’s bad for kids to consume too much sugar. This isn’t really something that you can just say to a child in a simplistic manner.

You need to think of a creative way to explain to your child why sugar is bad for them. A creative way is needed to make sure that they don’t make the argument that it’s just the adult taking out the fun in things. At the same time, you don’t want to lie to your child.

Below are some creative ways for you to explain to your child when sugar is bad for their teeth.

Their Teeth Will Have To Fight Harder

Most children resonate with underdog stories. That’s why cartoons focus on the protagonist going through hardships first before being triumphant in the end. Tell your child that eating too much sugar will make their teeth have to fight harder.

The acids that are attacking their teeth might win. If the minerals that their mouth needs to revitalize their teeth aren’t there, then their teeth will suffer. By limiting the intake of sugar, their teeth will have a fighting chance when it comes to fixing the damage.

They Won’t Be Confident With Their Smile

It may be scary, but it’s true. When their teeth get destroyed due to all the sugar they consume, they won’t be as confident with their smile. Tell them that the best way to protect their smile is by reducing their consumption of sugar.

Cleaning up their diet is a great way to set a habit that can transcend their age. It can set them on a path of being healthier and more fit even if they’re no longer children. Children play a lot so it’s important for them to be able to smile with confidence.

They Don’t Like Going To The Dentist

Let’s face it, most kids dread going to the dentist Reston Virginia. If they don’t want frequent trips to the dentist, then they have to take care of their teeth. Using this as a scare tactic is not a good idea. However, it’s a good way to get a point across.

When children associate bad habits with bad results on their teeth, they’ll be able to put the two together. Instead of happily consuming sweets, they’ll watch what they eat and drink because they don’t want to be scared or inconvenienced by taking an extra trip to the dentist.

Give Them Alternatives To What They Eat Or Drink

Another way to explain to kids that what they’re eating or drinking is bad for them is by presenting them with healthy options. Most kids love making decisions because they feel independent and grown-up in doing so. Do they like chewing gum? Give them an option between sugar-free gum or xylitol-sweetened gum. They won’t feel bad about losing the gum and they’ll feel great because they got to make a decision.

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