How to Deal with Senior with Alzheimer in the Right Manner

In case, you were taking care of elderly people with Alzheimer’s or dementia, chances are higher that you may come across the term ‘want to go home’ more than often. However, are you aware what they actually mean by it? Let us understand what do senior citizens suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia mean when they say that they want to go home.

Foremost, you should not feel bad, when the senior citizens suffering from dementia say they want to go home. You should understand that the disease has affected their mind poorly. Therefore, they may not be aware of what they say and actually mean. You should understand their condition before coming to any conclusion. It would be pertinent that you look after their need to be comfortable and secure. They should not be upset or scared of their current environment. You should look forward to understand their body language in order to comprehend with what they actually mean when they say anything.

What should be your goal?

The goal should be to make senior with dementia comfortable in order to reduce their anxiety. However, you would need to handle them with best three responses mentioned below.

  • Comfort and reassurance

You should provide them with adequate comfort. Your approach would help them reassure that they are safe.

  • Avoid any reasoning and explanation

You should avoid reasoning or explaining them, as they may get upset. The best approach would be to handle them with utmost care and caution.

  • Distract and redirect

Yet another good approach would be to distract and redirect them from the issue at hand. You being in agreement with them would assure them and trust you.

These approaches have been designed by Acorn Stairlifts to help you handle senior with dementia in the best manner possible.