How to Combat Lifestyle Diseases with Right Health Insurance Plan?

Health Insurance Plan

Health insurance plans are generally taken against a range of critical and life-threatening diseases that are not only sudden but can turn fatal very soon. However, there are a range of ailments that are also caused primarily due to lifestyle choices, habits and apparently mundane reasons. While it is always advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to prevent such ailments in the first place, often it may not be possible to prevent these too. With increasingly hectic lifestyles and unforgiving routines that have become commonplace, lifestyle diseases are a new threat that need not in fact be threatening. For such ailments, various banks in India such as Bharti AXA offer a range of insurance plans specifically for lifestyle diseases that can keep you medically and financially secure.

Lifestyle diseases are often tougher to combat than other kinds of diseases that are more sudden and unpredictable because one may not notice or suspect such ailments in the normal course of one’s life. The most common lifestyle diseases are diabetes and common heart ailments, both of which are often caused due to poor dietary habits over years. In any case, below we will look at the health insurance plans for lifestyle diseases in more detail and see how you can get one.

A Health Insurance Plan for your Lifestyle Disease

With regards to health insurance plans for lifestyle diseases, there are three main things to consider i.e. the eligibility for a lifestyle disease health insurance plan, the extent of coverage, and the limitations of such plans.


Often, people with lifestyle diseases assume that they will not be eligible for health insurance plans. However, it is also better to confirm rather than assume this. While it is true that many insurers reject diabetes as a condition for a health insurance plan, it depends on the insurer and the specific nature of your ailment. Hence, it is always better to check with a variety of insurers before coming to a decision. While loading depends on the specific nature of the ailment and sometimes additional ailments may lead to rejection of a health insurance plan, many insurance plans do cover such situations.


Unfortunately, too many people have lifestyle diseases that can in fact be handled with a good diet and exercise. However, in the paucity of time, it is often not possible to do so. In this situation, several insurers are now making room for a variety of cardiac and diabetes related diseases to be covered under health insurance plans and some of these also cover OPD expenses. Some even pay for consultation fees and diagnostics.


In addition to having clarity regarding the eligibility criteria for investing into a healthcare insurance plan that will cover your expenses related to your lifestyle diseases, it is also important to know the limitations of these plans that are also closely connected to the eligibility of these plans. While for some diseases, there is a waiting period, in the case of others, the premium depends on the age of the buyer.

Ultimately, the most important aspect regarding buying health insurance is to check out a variety of plans that are available and select the one that it right for you.