How Anger Is Putting Your Health At Risk

If anger is addressed quickly and expressed in a healthy way, it can, in fact, be good for you. Anger can actually help some people think more rationally. But there is the unhealthy side of anger when you hold it in, turn it inward and then explode with rage.

Here are 7 reasons you need to stay calm and stop putting your health at risk.

  1. Anger puts your heart at risk – Anger affects your cardiac health. After an angry outburst, your chance of having a heart attack can double. Repressing anger is also linked to heart disease. To decrease these risks, you need to identify and address your feelings before you blow. Talking to a CBT psychologist can help with this.
  1. Anger increases your risk of a stroke – You are three times more likely to have a stroke if you experience regular angry outbursts. Identify your anger triggers, and figure out how to change your responses to these situations.
  1. Your immune system is weakened – If you are mad a lot, you may find yourself being ill more often. Anger can seriously repress your immune system.
  1. Anger makes your anxiety worse Anxiety and anger thrive off each other. Anger can worsen the symptoms of anxiety, making you angrier. It’s a vicious circle that’s difficult to break out of without the help of a certified therapist.
  1. Anger is linked to depression – Depression and aggression are also linked. A great tip to stop both of these feelings is to keep yourself active, and stop thinking so much.
  1. You can hurt your lungs by being angry – Perpetual anger and hostility weaken your lungs. It decreases your lung capacity and increases the risk of respiratory problems.
  1. Anger will shorten your life – You will shorten your life span by being angry. Happier people statistically live longer.

If you’re not comfortable showing your negative emotions and tend to keep them bottled up, work with a therapist to become more expressive. In turn, this will decrease the health risks you could incur by being angry.