The Top Qualities and Characteristics You Should Look for when Hiring a Doctor

Physicians play a vital role in healthcare, and this role isn’t about to change anytime soon. We all need doctors at some point, whether it’s a physician practicing family medicine or a specialist in specific medical conditions. But if your organization is looking for a doctor, it wouldn’t be in your best interest to just go for the one with the right credentials. Yes, credentials, qualifications, and experience count for a lot, but this isn’t the be all and end all. There are other factors which can contribute to the right choice. Here are the top qualities and characteristics you should look for when hiring a doctor.

A genuine care for patients

Although physicians are busy individuals and are called upon to perform technical duties, they should still have a genuine care for their patients. They should exhibit compassion, patience, and empathy, and should go out of their way to make their patients feel at ease. Doctors should make it a point to answer their patients’ questions as clearly, objectively, and succinctly as they can.

 The ability to work with a team

Physicians may have their own specialties, but at the end of the day, they would still need to work with a team. If they can show that they are willing and able to work with others, this is a good sign. They need to communicate well and show respect to others as well as work in collaboration with others when necessary.

The willingness to adapt

They should also show a willingness to adapt to change. Change, in their case, would mean changes in schedules, changes in team placements and changes in the policies your organization may have. Flexibility and adaptability are key.

Skill in decision making

Doctors are loaded with information on all fronts, particularly when it comes to patients. That being said, they need to be able to sort and go through the data they receive and determine what is important and relevant. If they can do this, they will be able to make smarter decisions – especially when it comes to critical situations.

A sense of ownership

Since doctors are called upon to make decisions, they also need to have accountability for whatever actions they take. If they make mistakes, they should not place blame on others; rather, they should own up to these mistakes, and this also comes with being proactive and taking the proper initiative.

Finding the right physician isn’t easy, and your final decision will make a difference in how your organization is run. If you want to start out in the right way, you should turn to a specialist physician recruiter firm which can give you guidance and advice on the physician you need.