Grow taller by just applying a cream

Who does not yearn to grow a bit more than the current height? When height plays an important role in determining one’s social status, personality and career, who does not want to grow taller? The answer is no one because every single person other than those who are already extremely tall will have the desire to grow taller and quicker. Some studies have even revealed that tall people are given more importance and responsibility in workplaces than those who have short stature.

Certain results of studies and researches conducted by profound institutions point to the fact that workplace discrimination based on height is as real as we are. Not surprisingly, no one wants to be short. But what if nature does not give the height a person desires to have? Do they have to suffer without any mistake on their part or can they do something to improve their heights if that is what they wish for? The answer to both the questions is same and it is simple. It is growth factor-containing Cream.

Methods to improve growth:

If you still don’t get it, here is the explanation. There are many ways to improve the height and stature of a person. Some common methods that can serve to help grow taller and stronger are working out, following a good exercise routine, loading up on proteins, consuming natural supplements etc. All these are good for health and may improve muscle mass, muscle strength and provide an improved appearance. However, there is no guarantee for linear growth and results may vary depending on the person and intensity of the program. But there is another solution for the problem and it is Human Growth Hormone (HGH). HGH is one of the factors responsible for the growth of bones and muscles and is a type of secretion made by the pituitary gland in our brains. This hormone is absorbed into the bloodstream and is supplied to various parts of the body to promote growth and development. But if the naturally produced HGH is not sufficient, it is possible to use HGH supplements to improve growth.

HGH cream and its impact on growth:

HGH is available in many forms including oral pills, creams, drops, sprays etc. Growth factor-containing Cream is relatively easy to apply and is very popular. HGH creams are to be applied to the skin. They work by getting absorbed by the body and supplementing the bones and muscles with what is necessary to grow. Although HGH creams provide some help for growth, it is not a hands-down solution. Because

  • Creams applied to the skin have different effects on different people and typically have different absorption rates. Results are influenced by the thickness of the skin, age, health condition.
  • The efficacy of the cream is reduced because of the dilution of the strength of the ingredients.
  • While there have been testimonies that HGH creams help in growth, clinical trials have shown no positive confirmation as to its effect on growth.