Reasons Why Geriatric Dentistry and Dental Health Care is Vital

Geriatric Dentistry

Aging is something that we cannot control, but we can find ways to reduce its effects by treating our conditions and maintaining our health. Dental health is one of the most important parts of personal hygiene for most people, especially seniors.

Since dental health is closely connected with other parts of the body and its health perspective, it is essential to remind your elderly loved ones to keep and maintain oral health even at old age. Geriatric dentistry is a specific form of dentistry that will allow you to undergo and check for certain conditions that are common among senior people.

We decided to present you reasons why senior dental health care is essential:

Heart Conditions

According to some researches, we can see the connection between heart disease and gum disease. Therefore, when you decide to maintain good oral hygiene, that will help you reduce chances for heart attacks and other disease conditions that could happen along the way.

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, people with periodontal issues are twice more likely to have heart disease and artery condition. One study has shown that gingivitis, missing teeth, and cavities, is an excellent predicament of cholesterol levels and future heart issues.


At the same time, lousy oral health is problematic because it can lead to numerous conditions, where the most problematic one is pneumonia, especially among seniors. When you are continually breathing bacterial droplets from mouth to lungs, you are increasing chances of getting this particular condition.

Therefore, the best way to prevent and combat the bacteria that will enter your lungs and create havoc is by maintaining good oral hygiene.

You should understand that proper oral health is essential in caregiving and nursing homes because most residents are unable to maintain their oral health, which is why caregivers should know that and do something to prevent these horrible conditions that could happen by neglecting it.


Periodontitis, or severe and chronic gum disease, will reduce your body’s ability to use insulin in ways you did before. That is the first step of getting high blood sugar due to insulin inability to break complex sugars, which could ultimately lead to diabetes as well as gum infections.

Therefore, you should maintain your oral health and go to regular dental checkups if you want to avoid a harmful condition that could lead to a fatality in most cases. To learn more on diabetes, we recommend you to check here.

Darkened Teeth

It is a common thing that aging will bring some changes to our body and physical health. The same thing goes for teeth because as we age, the dentin will change because of foods and beverages that we consume on a daily basis.

Eventually, it will start to thin, which means that you will have a transparent outer layer that will become yellow and soon afterward dark, which is not aesthetically appealing. If you want to maintain your good looks even at old age, you should care about your teeth as the first line that will help you achieve great results.

Gum Disease

We have mentioned above that gum issues are intimately connected with other problems that could happen in our bodies such as heart conditions and even diabetes.

Gum disease happens due to plaque and food that we have on our teeth because we are not regularly cleaning them, and as an addition when you eat an unhealthy diet, use tobacco products; you will be able to create havoc inside your mouth.

In case that you’re suffering from diabetes, anemia or cancer, that could also interfere with your gum health, and have in mind that eventually gum disease will cause teeth loss and it can interfere with your overall health and cause additional problems to your body.

Dry Mouth

Even though dry mouth could be a side effect of some medication due to cancer treatment and other conditions, have in mind that you should maintain oral health if you want to reduce and avoid this particular problem.

Since saliva is the main thing that will keep your mouth wet, it means that it will protect your teeth from decay and prevent infection from viruses, bacteria, and fungi inside your mouth. Therefore, dry mouth could pose a significant problem that you should take care with your preferable dentist.