Preferring Dianabol capsules versus other preparations

Dianabol capsules, tablet or injectable, which is better? This is the topic that can start a bar fight. But seriously it’s a topic that people will quarrel about. When capsules came it raised claims that it’s the more potent than tablet, when injectable were made it made claims that it was more effective and potent.

Now if you are a person needing these drugs it does matter, the tablets, the capsules and the injectable. But if you’re a bodybuilder it does matter but not in a way that people needing it matters. It’s not a question of effect but a question of cycles.

It’s the cycle: Because choosing a drug preparation means adjusting your cycles based on the characteristic of each preparation. Tablets take a long time to be fully consumed, the drug half-life is slow and it means the effect is longer. The capsules have a softer shell, a powder form that can easily be absorbed once the capsule coating melts, but also means a shorter half-life and effects compared to tablets. Injectable have this almost instant effects, but the price is shorter half-life and shorter effects compared to tablets.

The sense of regulation: If you don’t adjust could mean more prone to overdosing on very dangerous levels. There is no safer option for your liver, all of these drug preparations can damage your liver and it’s just a matter of choosing your poison. No matter how many times people undermine the effects in favor of the drugs they should look at this in a whole new perspective.

The truth: This is not to discourage people from taking the drug but just stating facts. Taking these drugs is not a laughing matter; the fact is that it’s very serious because of the side effects and the organ damage that the user can potentially sustain. There is really no safe way in taking the drug because when you’re taking it in bodybuilding doses it’s already an overdose in an expert’s point of view and versus the recommended safer dose.

Availability: With the availability of these drugs, it still can be obtained even if it’s a controlled substance and without prescription. What you need to always ask yourself if it’s really worth the risk because unlike doing it naturally you need to really be conscious and have not just a general knowledge of the drug but a more comprehensive one. It’s not for everybody and if you think that the effects are worth the risk no one can really stop you.

In bodybuilding, there is no such thing on which is the better preparation to use, but rather what is your preference in terms of effects, drug interaction, and cycles. The fact is that when you take this drug for bodybuilding you need to take more than the required dose which does ultimately put us at risks not just to feel the side effects full blown but also multiple organ damages. The question is always “is it worth the risk”, and not to mention become more knowledgeable about the drugs, not just the dosage but everything about it. You might never know that knowledge might and can save your life.