Benefits of outdoor training

Now days’ large chains of gyms as well as other fitness centers do emerge in order to supply the best training programs. But nothing like our old but one of the widely followed routines, “outdoor fitness” like jogging, brisk walking or even cycling, which are considered as best regardless of gender or age. Even tough with the newly equipped gyms there are some important factors that are forgotten. The best part is that you can accompany your family or friends too. Talk to a Personal Trainer Toronto today.

Outdoor exercise-the best and the cheapest

Exercising out is not only fun but factors like fresh air, vitamin D we get through the sun, a healthy n peaceful mind and lastly it free of cost! So it will be good enough to tell your trainer, mostly he himself will, the benefits and get on the road for a change occasionally. Get started with a step test.

Step test: Set the metronome to 96 beats / min (They are many free online apps available if one don’t have the machine) and set stopwatch for 3 minutes. The metronome can be set differently also.

Beat1 – step up with one foot.

Beat 2- step up with other foot.

Beat 3 – step up with one foot down.

Beat 4- step down with other foot down.

Repeat for 3 min and immediately check the heartbeat rate for 15 sec. Then multiply the result with 4 to get heart beats per minute. The lower it is the fitter you are. Heart rate above 120 BPM is a problem. It should however be avoided by obese and patients with orthopedic problems.

Swimming and treadmill can also be used to test the aerobic fitness.

Ten fitness habits

  1. Motivating yourself is the key and trying new forms of exercise will kick the boredom and keep you motivated throughout.
  2. Keep smaller goals for yourself and don’t be hard if you don’t achieve it.
  3. Seeking a trainer to guide you in your exercising regime, so that injury can be avoided and which workouts work best for different parts of the body guidance can be sought.
  4. Smaller meals at regular intervals with all the carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals in right proportions. A lot of water has to be consumed too.
  5. Avoiding alcohol, smoking, drugs etc. will be the next step in getting the fitness regime working for you.
  6. Good quality sleep will help the body to repair itself and get ready for the next day’s grind.
  7. Stress and anxiety should be avoided, keeping calm mind helps the body to function better. As the saying goes ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’.
  8. Keep good company, surrounding yourself with like minded people will help you not to veer off your set regime.
  9. Tick off the achieved goals and have pride in them, an occasional treat will not harm.
  10. And finally don’t compare with others, each individual has different body types and each person’s fitness levels won’t match with you, so relax do your thing and gear up for that challenge!