Be Prepared Before an MRI Scan if You’re Claustrophobic

An MRI scan or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a technique used to produce detailed images of the body. Therefore, the parts that have inflammation or other serious problems can be immediately detected. From there, diagnosis can be made and proper treatment can be done.

This is a good thing especially if your illness is detected at an early stage. There is still a chance for the problem to be treated and reversed. Therefore, the moment your doctor recommends you to undergo an MRI scan, you should do it. If you reside in London, there are a lot of hospitals and clinics offering this service. Doing an MRI scan in London can be a bit costly. Some health insurance providers include MRI scans in the insurance though.

There is nothing that needs to be done prior to the scan. You just have to set an appointment and be prepared. In some cases, you will be required not to eat or drink, to have clearer images.

The scary part

For most people though, the actual MRI scan is the scariest part. It is not a painful procedure. It does not last for a really long time. However, the fact that your entire body will be placed in a tunnel-like structure can be really scary.

You are alone in a room while lying on a bed and gradually placed inside the machine. Many people say that it makes them feel as if they are about to be buried. When you are claustrophobic, it gets even worse. The space is too confined and you have no one else by your side.

Overcoming your fear

Since you need to get an MRI, you have no choice but to face your fear of undergoing the procedure. The first tip is to remind yourself that there is a technician just outside telling you what to do. Your family member can also be in the same room with the technician and you can hear their voices while you are inside the tunnel. This should be enough to make you feel less scared.

If not, you just have to concentrate on other things that will make you forget that you are doing the test. Sing a song in your head or just have happy thoughts. Keep this in mind up until the procedure is over.

Most of all, you just have to look at how comfortable your surroundings are. You are on a comfortable bed in a very clean space. You are alone, and it can get really quiet. You can even use this moment to just meditate or reflect on life in general.

In no time, it will be over and you can get your results. Stay relaxed and just be optimistic.