Augment your learning capacity with Alpha GPC

Alpha-GPC or Alpha-glycerophosphocholine is recognized as a choline-containing compound that is present in various food products. This compound is rich in choline and turns out to be pharmacologically active when taken at higher dosages. This product is also acknowledged as a chemical which gets released when one fatty acid which is present in soy, as well as other plants, do break down. In Europe, this compound is a prescription medication and used for treating Alzheimer’s disease. You will find this compound in dual forms. One form is taken by mouth, whereas the other is given in the form of a shot.

However, in the US, you can avail this medication in the form of a dietary supplement and it is present in those products that are promoted to augment memory. This medication is used for other purposes too, like for treating different types of dementia, mini-stroke, and stroke. Additionally, it is used for augmenting thinking skills, learning, and memory. It does its job by increasing a chemical present in the brain named as acetylcholine. It is vital for learning functions and memory. This medication ought to be a part of all nootropic stacks and as alpha GPC powder is considered a derivative of choline so; it can boost your brain functions.

Remarkable benefits

When users take this compound they experience an upsurge in their learning capacity and memory. In fact, in many cases, the speed of memory gets enhanced too. Oxygen uptake, blood flow to your brain, and glucose metabolism too get improved. This results in a remarkable improvement in physical and mental energy. Users go through a feeling of well-being and many users’ attention span also gets improved besides concentration and focus. There are numerous brain health benefits of this compound. It is also helpful in repairing as well as restructuring prevailing and dented cells plus cell membranes. This compound plays a vital role in the upcoming treatment of cognitive weakening issues.

The main benefit of this compound is it is an ancestor to Acetylcholine and Alpha GPC has an exclusive mechanism for growing the levels of acetylcholine in comparison to other choline sources that include Citicoline. Most of the choline supplement does transform Acetylcholine through certain enzymes. On the contrary, this compound breaks down into Acetylcholine naturally. This compound is also important in the creation of novice memories plus networks between neurons. Nonetheless, currently, more research is going on to understand its full effects. This compound is obtainable in the form of a health supplement and it hasn’t been sanctioned by the FDA for treating any condition.

Pill or powder form?

As this medication is found in a couple of forms, Alpha GPC pills or capsules and Alpha GPC powder, so many people aren’t sure which one to use. The pills are more convenient and easier to obtain but they take more time to turn effective. On the other hand, the powder form acts faster. You can mix the powder with a drink, such as water, milk or juice. The powder formulations get into your bloodstream more directly. Moreover, you have the liberty to custom tailor your dose when you are taking the powder form, but the tablets and capsules come in set amounts only, like 100mg and 500mg.