A Few Ways Of Correction Of Damaged Teeth By Cosmetic Dentists

Dentists are the doctors who specialize in taking care of oral health. There are other types of dentists that can take care of your teeth in different ways. They also do many things other than fixing the cavities or working on root canaling on your teeth. Cosmetic dentists look over your oral beautification and take up the different processes to do that. Some people hesitate to smile in front of people for reasons like awkward positioning of teeth. This gives way to low self-esteem and low confidence. Visiting a cosmetic dentist can help you fix your teeth and your confidence as well.

Bleaching for your teeth

This one is a process through which a cosmetic dentist in NYC  would treat your oral health to bring more confidence in you. The stains or yellow shade on your teeth is removed by bleaching. The enamel gets discolored due to different reasons, some agents being tea or coffee, medicines or cigarettes. The dentist gets the correct whitening solution and treats your teeth. They take 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete the process of whitening. At the end, you get the white shade that you desire.

Fillings with Inlays and Onlays

Sometimes, the decay in tooth can be taken care of with fillings. The doctor prepares the fillings- whether inlays or onlays, in the laboratory. If the tooth is not damaged to a great extent, the inlay filling will work for keeping the tooth erect. The filling is set on your tooth. When the cusp of the tooth is damaged to a greater extent, onlay filling is used to cover the complete surface of the tooth. The fillings are made with a resin material and attached to any tooth with the help of some dental cement. These provide support to the tooth and help to keep away the chance of further decay.

Dental veneers and natural teeth

Veneers are manufactured with ceramic that can be used for dental purposes. These ceramics are used to form the natural teeth for patients. The artificial tooth looks almost like a natural tooth, and these are used to cure cosmetic issues related to teeth. Some people have cracked or damaged teeth enamel. Some have gaps between teeth that cause various problems. These can be treated with veneers. The dentist places these veneers with the help of a special adhesive and fixes the dental issue for you.

Dental replacements with implants

Some people need to replace the teeth after some accident. Cosmetic dentist in NYC uses implants for treating this issue. The dentist uses titanium screws to insert and set into the jaw of the missing tooth site. This screw supports the implant that is then set in the place of the missing tooth. The artificial tooth gets fit into the area and cannot be distinguished in any way from the surrounding teeth. The patient needs to take good care of the implant so that there is no debris or plaque formation in the area.