3 Health and Beauty Benefits of Castor Oil

Many people have heard of castor oil—you might even have some in the medicine cabinet—but have you ever actually used it?  Well, it turns, out that if you have never used castor oil, now might be a good time to start.  Indeed, this stuff has been around for quite a long time and it endures because it can have many uses in your home.

While many people might be familiar with castor oil as a treatment for incontinence, it turns out this Ricinus-derived vegetable oil can do a few other things too:


Many natural plant oils (avocado, coconut, almond, olive, etc) are quite good at deeply penetrating the skin.  Castor oil is no different, seeping deep into cracked dry skin to help soothe the bottom-most dermal layers with healthy fatty acids.

In addition this deep-penetrating oil can also be used as a Mediluxe acne treatment.  Essentially, if you apply castor oil to your skin, it can help to wash away dead skin, dirt, and other oils that might be clogging the pores and encouraging bacterial growth; which causes acne, of course.  Similarly, you could use castor oil to prevent or treat warts by washing away the fungus that causes them to appear.


Most natural treatments that are good for the skin can also be good for the hair and castor oil is one of them.  As a bonus, too, you can massage castor oil into the scalp to enjoy both skin and hair benefits at the same time! Doing this will encourage healthier hair follicles, the channels in the skin where hair takes root.  As a matter of fact, some doctors will even recommend castor oil as an alternative or a supplemental treatment for alopecia.

Of course, castor oil can also be used as a hair humectant.  Because of its nourishing and moisturizing properties—as discussed above—castor oil can help to restore life to brittle and dry hair or to brighten highlights (natural or otherwise).


Finally, many believe you can also use castor oil to treat minor aches and pains.  Because it is considered a “warm oil,” castor oil has the potential to improve circulation and, since it does penetrate the skin so deeply, can be used as a massage oil.